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  • TinyGo - Go compiler for small places
  • Zerolog - Zero Allocation JSON Logger
  • Charm - Set of tools for terminal-based applications; key-value store, cloud based file storage, encryption, and auth - all made super easy.
  • Script - Utilities for scripting with go
  • georgysavva/scany - Library for scanning data from a database into Go structs and more.
  • jetpack-io/typeid - Type-safe, K-sortable, globally unique identifier inspired by Stripe IDs.


  • Go8 - Go + Postgres + Chi Router + sqlx, unit testing Starter Kit for API Development.
  • xo - Command-line tool to generate Go code based on a database schema or a custom query.
  • pprof++: A Go Profiler with Hardware Performance Monitoring
  • rf - experimental refactoring tool
  • Colima - Container runtimes on macOS (and Linux) with minimal setup
  • lensm - Go assembly and source viewer
  • Wazero - zero dependency WebAssembly runtime for golang