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Mental Health


  • Demystifying burnout – A deep dive into its symptoms and remedies
    1. I am not my thoughts or feelings. It’s surprising how far this one will take you. Learn what it means to be relaxed again and make this your first priority. F** everything else, if necessary. Anxiety and stress don't have a chance if you aren't tense.
    2. If work is your support system, your life exists on shaky ground. Go out into the sun and spend a lot of time in nature. If you can't get out of bed in the morning, make it a habit to go out first thing in the morning for an hour or so. Force yourself if need be at first.
    3. Personal struggles become work struggles and vice versa. You can’t draw a clean box around grief and loss, or pretend that work stress can stay at work. When anxiety or self-blame start to emerge, feel it and focus on the feeling itself intensely. This makes it impossible for it to take over your mind.
    4. There were major gaps in my life in terms of social connections, time spent in nature, finding artistic outlets, etc. Make fear a positive experience by using it for something positive, e.g. learning how to focus on your feelings or reframing it as thrill.
    5. Focusing on real self-care/improvement as one’s primary purpose in life open doors internally and externally. Try all methods you can find to cope. Everyone is different and not all methods work for everybody.