👋 Welcome to my personal Wiki/Knowledge base. Originally hosted on Notion, currently moved to GitHub and hosted on Gitbook.

This Wiki is heavily inspired by this one by Nikita Voloboev and I strongly recommend you take a look at it as I still find it incomprehensible how much information, links and most importantly knowledge can one collect over the time.

Small disclaimer before you hop in: my technical writing skills are still severely lacking, please excuse that while I work on it.


This wiki server several purposes, some personal, some public:

  • I like to read a lot and I sadly forgot a lot, by putting what I read into a few quick summarizing lines and link to the source I make sure that I can search and refresh my knowledge

  • [Wiki is a great automatic responder, instead of crafting fresh response to each request/question I get I can point friends to what I have already written or found out on the subject]('s-guide-to-crafting-a-personal-brand-that-stands-out-from-the-crowd)

  • This wiki also serves as a great resource of materials for blog posts

  • And also as a cheat sheet to various tools and languages


  • I don't put everything I read hear, instead, I subjectively select things that I find worth it

  • I always try to summarize the content of the link to provide additional context without the necessity to revisit the whole article when coming back to various topics


  • If you are reading this at you can easily use the navigation bar at the side to explore the wiki or the search bar in the top right corner to search for specific things

  • Locally I prefer to use ag and search for keywords when looking for something, Nikita Voloboev uses Alfred workflow which seems like a great solution too. It's up to you 🤷

  • I build the structure on the fly as I add more links and text thus the wiki is still quite messy in that sense