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CIO (Chief Information Officer)


  • RFD 1 Requests for Discussion - the approach to RFCs at Oxide Computer.
  • The Power of “Yes, if”: Iterating on our RFC Process
    • common issues with RFC process:
      • designs don't get deep review and go into implementation phase
      • locally good decision that didn't fit into the broader scope
      • reviewers are not sure what to look for
      • distinguishing aside vs. blocker comments
      • missing process for saying "This looks good to me", often silence means compliance
      • no clear definition of when it is ok to start implementing
    • solutions at squarespace
      • opinionated RFC template with approvers section
        • approvers have yes or not yet options
        • not yet means yes, if ...
      • state of the RFC is a freeform fields
        • one can tell what they expect at the current stage
        • e.g. State: first draft, please give me brutally honest feedback on the document structure
      • sections that are included in the template:
        • Alternatives Considered/Prior Art
        • Dependencies
        • Operational work
    • Product Backend Council for RFCs discussion and reviews by the whole organization, once every 2 weeks
    • Architecture Review, twice a week where most senior engineers review RFCs in depth
      • 1 hour dedicated to each RFCs
      • attendees are expected to read the RFC beforehand
      • last 10 minutes for decisions, yes, if ... or just yes
  • Companies Using RFCs or Design Docs and Examples of These
  • Software Engineering RFC and Design Doc Examples and Templates
  • A Tool for Discussion