• ​ag - The Silver Searcher, crazy fast code searching tool similar to ack.

    Install with: brew install the_silver_searcher

  • ​ripgrep - another search tool, while the functionality overlaps with ag this one has a few more tricks up the sleeve, see this comparison.

    Install with: brew install ripgrep

  • awk - TODO

  • ​jq - flexible and lightweight JSON processor that allows you to slice, transform, map and filter JSON data with eas.

    Install with: brew install jq

    • ​Awesome jq - Curated list of awesome things built with the JSON processor and turing-complete functional language jq.

  • ​fd simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find.

    Install using brew install fd

  • ​git for version control obviously.

    Install using brew install git

  • ​curl, I prefer HTTPie but curl works out of the box on many systems being more friendly for sharing commands and scripts.

    Comes pre-insatlled on MacOS, but if you also install the keg using brew install curl you will get autocompletion.

  • ​HTTPie - curl/wget alternative with highlighting, JSON support, plugins and much more.

    Install using: brew install httpie

  • ​fzf - command line fuzzy finder for anything. With fzf you can easily search for files, directories, commands from history and more using fuzzy matching.

    Install using: brew install fzf and to enable useful key bindings:$(brew --prefix)/opt/fzf/install

  • ​exa - modern alternative to ls. Exa ships with better defaults and colorful highlighting, it has also support for git, symlinks and file attributes and is written in rust, so it is super fast.

    Install using: brew install exa

  • ​htop, interactive process viewer.

    Install using: brew install htop

  • ​pandoc, universal markup converted. Supports tex, md, docx, odt, and many more.

    Install using: brew install pandoc

  • ​noti - monitor for processes that triggers notification once the process completes. Nice for long builds, uploads or downloads, and other long running scripts.

    Install using: brew install noti

  • ​tldr - simplified man pages with examples, for whenever you forget the command usage and don't want to read through thousands of lines of man page to find the flag you are looking for. (On the other hand, tldr is sometimes too brief).

    Install using: brew install tldr

  • ​Mackup - backup and keep your application settings in sync. Mackup supports multiple storages for backup - Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and more.

    Install using: brew install mackup

  • ​asciinema - terminal session recorder.

    Install using: brew install asciinema

  • ​ffsend - easily and securely share files from the command line using Firefox Send. ffsend has also many useful features such as protecting the shared file with password or limiting the number of downloads.

    Install using: brew install ffsend

  • ​neofetch - command line system information tool, similar to screenfetch but more stylish.

    Install using: brew install neofetch

  • ​hugo - static site generator written in Go. Used for my personal webpage.

    Install using: brew install hugo

  • ​emojify - substitue emoji aliases on command line.

    Install using: brew install emojify

  • ​dive - a tool for exploring docker images.

    Install using: brew install dive

  • ​gist - upload content to Gist makes it easy to share code snippets, simple markdown files and more, all from the command line.

    Install using: brew install gist

  • ​youtube-dl - download videos, audio or whole playlists from youtube.

    Install using: brew install youtube-dl

  • ​bat - cat alternative with colors and more.

    Install using: brew install bat

  • ​trash - move files into thrash. Works best aliased to rm.

    Install using: brew install trash

  • ​jrnl - simple journaling in the command line